Ordering from YL USA!

So these days, more and more people are asking me about ordering their own oils and supplements from USA, which I think is a great thing! This shows more people have begun to explore the wonderful products beyond those just available in their local market and know there are many more amazing products available! Many Young Living items not available in your local markets, may be ordered from USA, with some products as exceptions as they do not pass local customs laws. You can see which items are available for purchase from the USA tab in virtual office. Of course the most common questions are shipping costs, whether one should order themselves or combine with others, will they earn rebates and what to order? So below is a list of FAQs I commonly get from members who want to try ordering from USA for the very first time…

FAQ 1 – Is it expensive to order from the US?

Shipping starts at USD 28 and increases according to weight. For Singapore market, my recommendation will be to order at least 190PV but under USD 250 (before shipping) to make the order worth it. Why I say so is because anything above 190pv qualifies you for the monthly freebie, and anything over USD 250 (roughly) will get you taxed on GST – do note in SG, you get taxed for any products ordered in over SGD 400 and this includes the value of the freebies as well. So far, USD 250 has been the safest amount to order. So if you have a large-ish order, it is worth to order yourself and if you only need an item or two, you can combine among friends or check with your upline to help you order. I, for one, do at least 2 USA orders monthly so I could also help if you are not ready to do your own orders yet.

FAQ 2 – Should I order through ESSENTIAL REWARDS (ER) or just place a Standard Order (SO)?

I usually recommend you order under ER to enjoy the rebates and also for YL  USA orders, any order on ER usually entitle you to an additional freebie as compared to ordering on SO. The minimum to order on ER in USA is also 100pv, and most months, there are also ER exclusive gifts! While I mentioned earlier that 190pv may be more worth it amount to order from USA, some find that it isn’t that much of a loss if they are only ordering 100pv but through ER coz of the rebates they are getting!

FAQ 3 – Can you do 2 ERs in 1 month? What happens to the rebates?

You can only mantain 1 ER per market, which means yes, you can mantain 2 separate ER orders – your regular 1 in your local market and 1 in USA – and yes, the rebates you earn from both orders may be combined for you to redeem in almost any YL market around the world!

FAQ 4 – I can’t afford to maintain 2 ERs every month, will it be better to just do a SO?

Many do worry, however, about ordering on ER because they are afraid about the monthly mantainance… DON’T WORRY! you can just do one order and cancel the USA ER template the next month with NO penalty. Just be sure to watch your processing date and request the USA template be closed before the next  processing date (you can request the YL SG office to help you with this request).

FAQ 5 – Must I still do an additional ER in my local market if I have already ordered in USA?

Yes and no. Under the current ER scheme, you qualify for quarterly gifts and the special loyalty blend if you mantain ER monthly on your LOCAL market. The gifts are automatically added to your ER order the following month. Meaning to say that your first gift will be added to your monthly ER on month 4. This means to say that on month 4, you should have an ER done in your local market in order to get the gift added to your order. Whatever the case, just ensure at least ONE ER order is done a month or your points reset back to 10% as though you have restarted back on month 1. That will be a shame!

FAQ 6 – When I click onto the USA site on my VO, I see a disclaimer statement saying that it’s a NFR order. What is NFR?

NFR is short for NOT FOR RESALE. Meaning that items your purchase from USA VO should not be resold and are for personal consumption. This is to protect the company as well because those products have not been registered with the authorities to be sold in your home country.


It is really easy to order from YL USA! All you need to do to begin is login into your New Virtual Office (NVO) with your Login ID and password and select the USA flag (it is found as an option under your local flag). The only exception to this rule is for the Indonesian market, but you will still be able to order manually via email or livehelp. What’s livehelp? It’s a super convenient almost instant support from an online customer service officer located in the US! Easy peasy!

Enjoy even more products from Young Living!


Hashim’s Accident – A scary September 2013

On 29 September 2013, Hashim went through a scary accident. It has taken me a really long time to openly share my experience, complete with all the pictures, because honestly, it was traumatic for me too. However, God willing, miracles do happen and I knew I had to share this story one day. It was a regular Sunday morning when the accident happened. I had actually gone out with baby Abdullah that morning – I was going to attend my first Sunday religious class since I had given birth and was excited to meet old friends. I took the public transport and was about 4 bus stops away when I received the phonecall from my husband that Hashim had gotten into an accident. I was truly unaware of the situation and brushed it off as yet another fall or bump an almost then 3 year old would typically go through… up till the point when my husband frantically said, “Take a cab now and go to the hospital. His nose is broken.” I froze for a split second and quickly got off the bus at the next stop. When I saw Hashim, my heart broke. He was clearly exhausted from crying for far too long and certainly in extreme pain. The cuts, the bruising and the non stop bleeding, I was shattered. image He was just beginning to walk at this point, and to find out a heavy glass table had fallen on his face was devastating. Fortunately, my sister in law had managed to catch on to the table to prevent it from completely toppling on  him, however, the impact was still terrible as the glass drawer had slid out and landed directly on his nose. He did an X-Ray, his nose wasn’t broken but the doctors said they couldn’t do anything for him just yet as his nose was too inflamed and blocked with all the bleeding. His case was referred to the ENT clinic and he was asked to go home and sent home with some topical cream for the  cuts and bruises and paracetamol for the pain. That was all. We went home, but my heart didn’t feel right. How could something that looked so bad just be left like that? I knew I had to begin oiling, often and effectively. On first instinct, I decided to use Lavender and Helichrysum, excellent oils in supporting conditions like these. I researched a little bit more and decided to add Valor as the ingredients helped to balance the system and improve circulation. The 3 oils were layered on the area around his eyes and on the cut at the nose bridge. We were doing this every 20min. The poor boy was still looking drained, so we decided to use Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense and Copaiba as well. He eventually started to ask for his crayons and I knew he was feeling slightly better then. Going to sleep that night was hard. He was so exhausted but kept getting up. The trauma must have been too much for him. We diffused peace and calming, there was some effect, but it was a long night.. The next day, was an even bigger shock for me. I thought that with all the oiling, the bruise and cut would lighten, but boy, was I wrong. The bruising and swelling had actually gotten worse and his eyes could barely open over the next 2 days. It took me a lot of strength to continue to be strong for Hashim. image I texted Hashim’s therapist who assured me all was fine. It meant that all the bleeding has stopped and the skin is now in the healing process. I took a leap of faith and trust and followed my gut to continue oiling often. I knew it couldn’t be bad if the doctors had sent us home so quickly from the hospital and true enough, as quickly as the bruise got so terrible, as quickly did the swelling go down, the bruising began to lighten and Hashim was able to open his eyes. He was in good spirits and actually enjoying all the visits from grandparents, grandaunts and uncles, and friends who wanted to see how he was doing! He loved the many balloons and soft toys he got too! image image By the evening of day 4 (2 Oct 2013), Hashim was smiling broadly again. He didn’t seem to be in anymore physical pain, the swelling had gone down tremedously and only the remaining bit of the brusing remained. By this time, we were already going through our second bottle of helichrysum, and maybe our second or third bottle each of Lavender and Valor. It was worth every drop seeing the improvements Hashim had made. He had very bad congestion in his nose, though, due to the fact his nose had flattened a little but I noticed the constant oiling was causing his nose to leak a lot of mucus, something I saw as positive. He eventually started breathing less noisily too. We used a nasal spray to help him drain the mucuses out and also soaked him in a tub filled with epsom salts and idaho blue spruce which really further aided the thinning of the mucus so that trapped mucus could drain out easily. We brought him to the ENT specialist a few days after and was told that there wasn’t a need to perform any procedures on him. Thank God. He was still young and the structural damages, though they looked terrible, didn’t seem like they were causing any major harm to his respiratory issues. It was more of a wait and see approach and I was told to only monitor his mild sleep apnea, that it didn’t worsen due to the accident. We were given prescription antihistamines just in case 🙂 Coincidentally, I just learnt around this time as well that Helichrysum could also be used as an expectorant! Lavender also has similar properties, so we continued oiling with these 2 oils around the nose once the bruising had lightened greatly. image Besides regular mainstream care, I also brought him for a session with Therapist Yonie Bonawi and I will be forever grateful for the bottle of Trauma Life she gifted Hashim. It was our first ever bottle of Trauma Life as I had never thought to buy this oil before this. After applying Trauma Life on his big toes, temples and letting him smell the oil from my hand, he finally managed to sleep through the night for the first time since the accident. The accident had caused him severe emotional trauma and Trauma Life really worked as the name says. Also, on her and another therapist, Cynthia’s, advice, we used Valor on his sacrum daily and held our hands over the area, as well as pressed Sacred Frankincense to the roof of his mouth whenever he allowed it. This really helped to sharpen and straighten Hashim’s nose! More than a year later, if one looks at Hashim now, there are absolutely no traces of the accident AT ALL. He has gained back his full confidence and his nose is sharp too! The oils worked miraculously and I am forever thankful to God for this. I shudder to think how differently things would be had it not been for the oils. Everyone should really own Young Living oils to add to their First Aid kit. You never know when you will need them, and you never know when you will be amazed by them. image

Abdullah Alsree – My Gentle Birth


Way too often, I am asked, how did you use your oils for pregnancy and labour? And for too long, my answer has been a little bit here and there and a promise that I will write as detailed an account possible soon. This blog post is of course overdue, but I am feeling just a tad bit emotional today, and I haven’t written anything in far too long, and remembering my gentle birth would be the perfect pick me up..

I remember when I found out I was pregnant. I was overcome with a mix of joy and fear. After all, my first birth wasn’t exactly the best of stories and post that birth, I had 3 miscarriages, in which the third one was particularly painful and least to say, depressing. That was when I started using Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP) as I knew low progesterone levels were a cause of recurrent miscarraiges. I used PPP twice a day, each time using 2 drops each on my forearms, over my carotid arteries and inner ankles. After testing positive, I continued using PPP till the 12th week of my pregnancy when my pregnancy stabilized. I had a scare at the 8th week when I had some spotting and decided to further increase my drops of PPP to 3 drops per area. Things stabilized soon after.

Alhamdulillah, I resolved to fully empower myself that pregnancy. I attended 2 gentle birthing classes by Doula Hanani Surani and Doula Fadillah Yusope and a Breastfeeding Workshop for Expectant Mothers by Blessed Beginnings Sg (even though that would have been the second time I breastfed lol). I also attended weekly yoga sessions with Yoga Teacher Ella from the time I was 14weeks right up till the week I was due, went for BCST sessions with Yonie Bonawi and even occasionally for traditional foot massage with the therapist who is familiar with women’s conditions and pregnancy. A few weeks before I birthed, I even got a chance to do a birth balance with Renate Wennekes, a Develepmental Kineseologist and Braingym Instructor. I was superbly blessed to be able to empower myself through so many avenues. On top of all that, I was even luckier I had my essential oils that I could use daily for self care to keep me calm and in check and helped me deal with the usual pregnancy aches and pains.


In my early pregnancy, I was really adversed to the smell of gentle baby essential oil, something which I understood that it meant I really needed the oil, so on the advice of Yonie, I used it over my abdomen daily. I grew to love Gentle Baby EO and craved it daily hehe. I would use it over my abdomen and seal over it with Rose Ointment. It was calming for me and even my baby whose kicks felt nice and comfortable instead of what felt like rib-jabbing in my previous pregnancy. The additional side effect was that I did not develop any new stretch marks!

As I grew bigger during my pregnancy, I had some sciatic pain and also some pain due to stretching of my abdomen. I used Valor and Aroma Siez to help with the fatigue and pain in those areas and it felt really nice and comfortable. I also ingested the pain bomb combination using 5drops of Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir and Copaiba each in a size 0 capsule. These were my saviours, no panadol or painkillers needed! Sometimes, my hormones and emotions would get the better of me and for those days, I truly enjoyed diffusing and applying on my shoulders White Angelica EO. It gives me an almost instant calming effect and puts me into a deep slumber even when I have too much on my mind. Other favourite oils I always kept handy with me in my handbag were Stress Away Roll-On and Deep Relief Roll-On. Roll-Ons are the most convenient way to bring oils out to use on the go! I also drank Ningxia Red daily for energy and to maintain good health.

About 6 weeks prior to my due date (9 July 2013), I religiously sprayed Claraderm on my perineum area. I wasn’t really keen on doing perennial massages hehe but the Claraderm Spray, containing Myrrh & Frankincense, among other ingredients, in a base of Coconut Oil, helped to ensure elasticity of the skin. After all, my doctor told me to be prepared for a big baby!

On the morning of 7 July 2013, I had began my day very normally. I went for my Sunday noon religious class and was having fun learning while snacking with dear friends. I suddenly felt a small burst of water and quickly went to the loo. My pantyliner was soaked through. A little bit of my water had began to leak but I didn’t want to alarm anyone so I said nothing but texted my husband and doula. I went home when my class ended and decided to rest, that was when I felt more “bursts” and “leaks”. My doula arrived at about 4.30 pm that evening, she put on the doppler, checked my water levels through palpitations and decided that it wouldn’t be too soon – probably in 1-2days. We chatted for a bit and as she was about to leave, my waterbag burst for real. Boy, was I amazed by how much fluids a waterbag is filled with! We were in my son’s room at that time and I practically formed several icky ‘puddles’ around the room! At that point, we decided the birth was happening sooner, rather than later! We became certain I would birth that same day.

Everything went on as per normal after that. I prayed Maghrib and ate a delicious meal of meatball marinara Subway sandwich brought back by my parents from JB. At about 8pm, things were not quite as per normal any longer. Contractions became intense and soon, I lost all concept of time and was fully in ‘the zone’. I can’t remember everything in sequence but I knew nothing felt better than the husband rubbing Valor on my sacrum. I kept making him rub more and the feeling was truly nice – a sort of relief and comfort. I also mixed up a “Birth Blend” which he layered over the valor. “Birth Blend” consisted of 8 drops helichrysum, 6 drops copaiba, 4 drops fennel, 4 drops peppermint, 10 drops ylang ylang and 5 drops clary sage, diluted in equal parts of V6. I believe this helped accelerate my labour as well. My husband also diffused Stress Away to help calm me down. I clung on to him and did hip rotations to help each contraction pass. In between I drank water and ate dates to fuel my body with energy. By 10+ pm, I was screaming that I could not take it any longer. At that point, we decided to transfer to the hospital for the birth. It was an exciting taxi ride to the hospital. The driver was nervous but trying to mantain his cool while driving quickly but safely to the hospital. All praises to God, I was at 9cm by the time I arrived at the hospital. I was blessed to have a doctor who was quite willing to give me free space to birth as naturally as possible. I continued using Birth Blend during the last few moments of my contractions before I was ready to breathe the baby out. Following tips from the book “Hypnotbirthing: The Mongan Method” by Marie F. Mongan and breathing techniques learnt during prenatal yoga, I gently breathed baby out. My husband diffused White Angelica when we were at the hospital and put Joy on his palms and made me inhale deeply. Before I knew it, I heard the sounds of the sweet birth cry at 11.45pm on Sunday, 7 July 2013.


The baby was placed on my chest and the hospital did not even rush me to weigh him or get him checked. They gave me time for skin to skin bonding with my baby as I tried to birth my placenta. The birthing of the placenta was difficult and following the advise of my doula who noticed I had not peed for far too long, my doctor inserted a catheter to help me clear my bladder. I asked my doula to use “After-birth blend” to help me tone the uterus and expel placenta. The after birth blend was a mix of 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Lavender and 10 drops Jasmine. The blend was applied topically over my lower abdomen. Soon after, I birthed my placenta and my baby began to breastfeed. It seemed so natural to him as he stared at me with his tiny eyes that could barely open for long at that point – and I understood what I had learnt all this while, truly a natural birth helps a baby survive so beautifully and easily in his early days of life. His latch wasn’t perfect but it was okay. I was empowered and felt like I could survive any challenge. The important point was that he was latching and my mature milk had come in just before day 3. We worked together, and within a matter of days, his latch was as perfect as could be. No sore nipples for me, alhamdulillah.

I anoited baby’s head with Sacred Frankincense a few hours after he was born and continued to do so for a few days. His skull was forming beautifully and the fontanels closing up. We also cleaned his cord stump with Diluted Myrrh and it fell off within a matter of a few days. I loved how he smelt, essential oils and a tinge of heaven.

This birth meant so much to me in so many ways. I began to learn that I could do anything with His blessings once I set my intention, prayed hard and often, and empower myself with knowledge. When I do not limit myself to conventional care, so much more is achieved. Abdullah is 16 months old today and is the light of our eyes, especially his older brother who has learnt to interact better with other children through interaction with his own sibling. When I get tired after Abdullah messes up my entire room, I realised at the back of it, I am super blessed to have an independent and fiesty baby who loves exploring. Abdullah has taught me that I can birth naturally and that I am stronger than I think I am. For that, I am forever grateful. My dream, for now, is to inspire other mothers, especially those with prior traumatic births, that you can get your dream birth as well. Believe, pray and let nature take it’s course.


Young Living Lifestyle Change!

I began 2014 with resolution for better health for the entire family, myself included. So I worked towards my goal, my health project as you may call it, religiously using my Young Living products to support our journey and I am glad to say, the results are definitely showing!


We’ve lost weight as a family (yay!) and we feel much more energized! It really helps us a lot, having to keep up with 2 young children, on top of having so many other things to do as well!


For the hubs, the change in his energy level is most apparent. He has started cycling again after years of no exercise! His cycling adventures include cycling to places like Mount Faber, Marina Bay, Yishun and even Sentosa… all beginning from our home in Kembangan. Hubby’s favourite supplement is Sulfurzyme which helps with the inflammatory pains he gets after long hours of strenuous activities. He no longer complains of leg cramps post cycling! His chest pains, which used to be very frequent, are also kept under control with his consistent intake of sulfurzyme. Besides Sulfurzyme, hubby also takes Omegagize supplements which I am certain helps with his blood pressure. Omegagize contains Clove EO and bioidentical CoQ10 which is great for cardiovascular related illnesses! He complains less of body heatiness, eye pains and neck aches related to increase in pressure. He also takes either Tangerine (vitality) EO or Grapefruit (vitality) EO in capsules which helps with his circulation. He is less sluggish and bloated for sure! He is slowly, and surely, on the road to be back to his wedding weight and less! Hurray!


For myself, my most obvious change is weight lost and improved skin, for sure! With my regular intake of ningxia red, ningxia nitro, sulfurzyme and lemon (vitality) in water, I feel myself healthily detoxing both on the inside and outside. I have regular bowel movements (I know this is tmi, lol, but it is so important!) and less occurances of heartburn and indigestion. The ningxia red juice and sulfurzyme also seem to give a glow to my skin tone! woohoo!

When I added the petrochemical weight lost to my routine, along with cel-lite magic massage oil and a few other oils to balance hormones and stress, I saw the real magic happen. Years of weight build-up that just couldn’t go away, literally melted off. Best of all, I feel less need to snack and my palate has definitely changed! Those who know me from childhood are amazed that after years and years, since toddlerhoood, I am finally eating my vegetables! Best of all, I truly enjoy them! Amazing!


Having seen the many positive changes, I am even more motivated now to improve further. The oils truly bring the body back to balance and I’m sure everyone could do with more balance in life!

As always, I am truly grateful to have found these Young Living products. They have been a great tool in my ultimate goal towards self awareness, remaining grounded through life’s challenges and they have helped me remain positive in a world where chronic illnesses seem to be just too common. Furthermore, the ability to be on the journey of wellness and health with the entire family is truly a blessing.
For those of you who feel like your health is taking a back seat because you are just so busy with everyday life, please know that it doesn’t have to be this way! Alhamdulillah, I am so glad that the Hubby and I have seen these positive changes in ourselves and would love to invite others to join us on our journey.

Next project, working towards emotional balance. Super excited!!

Live Your Dream – My Convention Experience!


In April this year, I had won the Skyhigh Rewards Challenge organized by Young Living! I was at 15th position and had a chance to go for the Young Living 20th Anniversary Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was excited to have won but had to make a decision to go or not. The decision was tough because the idea of bringing a breastfeeding Abdullah on a long haul flight was daunting. Leaving him was not an option (because breastfeeding him is first priority) and unfortunately, bringing the rest of the family along was over budget.

So after some consideration, I decided to just go with the baby. After all, I didn’t know if I would have such an opportunity again, and I was just grateful to be given the chance to go to the convention to hear Gary Young speak as well as to visit the Mona Farm and learn more about the oils I have been using for my family and myself. Knowledge empowers and I love to be empowered.


I was so glad I made the decision to go!  We took a 6am flight on 22nd June from Sin-Tokyo-Seattle-SLC. I used a lot of Valor pre-flight to keep Abdullah calm and grounded. He wasn’t as fidgety as he usually was, fighting to move all over the place. Cedarwood and Dream Catcher oil were also used on board the flight. Dream Catcher was super duper AWESOME! Abdullah fell asleep easily within minutes of using the oil. Of course, he latched alot and on demand throughout the flight and hence there were almost no wails of discomfort! I also kept “magic” ammunition nearby which was used once or twice during the flight.. ROSE oil! I used it on baby Abdullah’s big toe and did vitaflex massage and put the remaining oil over his heart. We had to take out the Rose oil for our Tokyo – Seattle sector of the flight as the flight was so super full, I wasn’t given a seat with an empty space next to me like the rest of the sectors. The lack of space was hard for an 11 month old whose main goal in life was to touch and feel and bite everything within reach, heh.

For myself, I used lots of Believe oil to give myself the confidence to bring an active baby on a long haul flight alone and drank a lot of Ningxia Red and Ningxia Nitro. I have always been a firm believer of Ningxia Red but this trip has doubly strengthened my believe in Nitro. Ningxia Nitro is a natural energy drink without Sugar but high in Vitamin B and folic acid and natural caffeine from Green Tea extract and Chocolate EO. What I loved about it was the longevity it gave to my energy. No sudden bursts of energy like when you take sugar filled drinks like RedBull or Monster which will make you crash once the sugar high is over and done. Nitro makes me feel good with just the  right amount of energy. It was a healthy kind of boost.

We survived 3 sectors of flight which took 22hours in total!


Here, Abdullah is chilling in our hotel room at Radisson Hotel, Salt Lake City Downtown.


Beautiful flowers around Salt Lake City, Utah.

The next morning, we went for Registration. The energy was overwhelming! So many people! It was almost sureal and I was overcome with a sense of gratitude of being able to be there. I knew that was a start of great things to come!



Leadership session that afternoon was also awesome. We heard Darren Hardy – publisher of Success magazine, Connie Podesta – actress, comedian and motivational coach and of course D Gary Young himself speak. I loved Connie Podesta. She is hilarious and spoke about how to speak/sell to different people. After all, the number one reason why we lose a sale is because of who and how we are! The other important takeaways was from Darren Hardy – he taught the importance of just DOING IT. Take action! Gary Young also spoke about the worse disease ever – EXCUSITIS. LOL. I bought Connie’s book and have just started reading it!



The next few days, convention proper happened. The opening ceremony itself was electrifying. Gary Young came in a hot air balloon type thing and Mary Young sang the American National Anthem (new info for me that Mary is also a soprano singer!)


Photographed here is founder and CEO of Young Living, Gary Young, his wife and VP of YL, Mary Young, and their two children Jacob and Josef.


Some photos taken during the first general session. 9000 people from all over the world attended this convention!

Hearing about how the company came to be was simply beautiful. From the days of handwritten labels, right up till today, 20 years of successfully  changing so many lives! It was inspiring to listen to Gary’s stories on  his journey to using essential oils and essential oil infused supplements. He too was a non believer until he learnt about French aromatherapy using unadultered oils. During his speech, we learnt about how even more oils would be out of stock if we didn’t have our own farms (yes, you heard it, the out of stock isn’t as bad as it could actually be). The most exciting news for me, though, was learning that Gary had just acquired some new land in Canada to grow Spruce. Once YL begins to have their own Spruce, this will mean that we no longer need to rely on third party farms for availability of oils like Breathe Again roll on and of course everybody’s favourite oil, VALOR!

New oils and products were also released! I love how the new oils are really targeted. Some of the products include:

Build Your Dream – this year’s convention oil! Amazing oil containing BLUE LOTUS, the newest oil harvested by Gary Young which is even more expensive than ROSE oil
Freedom Sleep & Freedom Release set – for use on individuals suffering from PTSD
Kidscents Oil Collection – pre-diluted oils for your little ones (and they smell SUPER awesome)
Reconnect Kit – mind-centered oils formulated for autism, ADHD and related disorders
Mindwise – newest supplement, said to be able to possibly reverse Dementia

And sooooooooo many more!
(I promise to write a dedicated post on the new products by the end of the week because there is just SOOOO much to write about!)


Yonie Bonawi and I posing with a huge Build Your Dream! Hehe

Other learning highlights at convention include the Autism Talk by Airase. If you haven’t heard about Airase yet, you need to check them out and join as a member. http://airase.com/
If you are passionate about essential oils and want to deepen your learning through reading articles backed by scientific research and studies, this is the resource you will want to tap in. You can find protocols and case studies here, and joining Airase at convention, for me, came at a perfect time as I sealed my commitment to wanting to help more people through natural healing. The Autism talk by Airase was a closed door talk, but what I loved was the fact that even though everything was “scientific”, the way they explained their findings was simple. Anyone who is ready to learn will be able to understand it. Perfect for me!

I also super enjoyed the Beauty Talk by Dr Luba as I learnt more about the benefits of the various Beauty products sold in YL, and also the talk by Debra Raybern. Debra Raybern, fyi, is the author of the Gentle Baby book that has helped many mothers through pregnancy and motherhood! Her sharings were insightful and addressed common concerns of parents/mothers regarding using certain stronger essential oils for their babies. Ultimately, all oils are safe for everyone if used appropriately and if you are afraid to use a certain oil for a young child, then don’t. Be comfortable with the oils you use for your kids! There are lots of alternatives available!

Convention at Salt Lake City ended with the 20th Anniversary Nitro Palooza Party. I went with the intention of just getting some free dinner (lol lol) because I was super tired out by the last few days, but actually enjoyed the atmosphere there. Train performed at the party! Turns out they have been using YLEOs for the past 7 years and use Highest Potential oil before each performance. In the end, I did leave the party early but was so happy to have at least gone for awhile. Alcohol free party serving healthy dinner, that is what I really call Clean Fun! Truly the Young Living lifestyle!


Here’s a fun photo of Patrick Mohanan from Train actually taking audience’s phones to take selfies with them. Never once singing off key even during the selfie moments haha.


Some other special moments at convention! A pic with Dr HK Lin, our roommates at convention, a pic with Stevie Baggs Jr, NFL player and Nitro spokesperson, and Jacq Ong, Yonie Bonawi and I doing a special kiss the baby moment.

Also, a special Juvia and Abdullah friendship moment! Singaporean convention babies! Hehe!

Although convention had ended at Salt Palace Convention Centre, we still had one day of Farm Day on Friday 27th June 2014. Before visiting the Mona Farm, we had a chance to stop by the YL Corporate office and warehouse. I am awed! The company is super transparent! There really is no hiding to anything they do, strengthening my trust in the Seed to Seal process even more!


This is us at YL headquarters. Loved being there!


That’s the livehelp team behind me! Yes, there really isn’t many people handling livehelp which will explain why wait times are often ridiculous haha.


Major oil, Ningxia and diffuser overload at the enormous warehouse!

When we finally arrived at the Farm, I felt like an excited schoolgirl. Posing in the fields of Lavender and Clary Sage and more importantly, being able to watch actual distillation taking place! In the below pic, I witnessed Juniper and German Chamomile being distilled. Not exaggerating at all, Abdullah knocked out within 3min of entering the distillation area haha. Must have been the relaxing scent of the Chamomile.




God’s creation – absolutely beautiful and stunning.


South East Asian team at convention 2014!


In the distillery…top left is a picture of German Chamomile being distilled, bottom left is me with Juniper and right is a picture of the distiller!

Some less important details, the farm also had a YL shop that was like a grocery store, take a basket and pick the products you want! You could really go crazy! I also tasted Lavender Ice Cream (gluten, sugar and preservative  free – sweetened with Agave) and drank a refreshing Lavender Lemonade beverage (again sugar free – sweetened with Agave). Delicious! I left the Farm that evening with another overwhelming sense of Gratitude to have had the opportunity to be there.

And Farm Day marked the end of convention 2014.

The flight back was much much easier without the fears I had at the beginning of the trip.


My luggage had literally doubled in size (1 check in bag – 22kg and 1 backpack coming to USA. 2 check in bags – 23kg & 20kg, 1 backpack and 1 cabin bag leaving USA!) and I left USA setting the intent to return for next year’s convention in August 2015 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Prior to coming for convention, I kept hearing many mention that you need to attend at least one convention in your life to truly experience Young Living. I now cannot agree with more with this statement. Till 2015, in sya Allah!

Oily Mum Loves Her Oils!

After my last post about my oil routine for my kids, I was asked if I had a personal protocol myself with the oils…and of course, the answer is also YES! I use the oils on myself for a few reasons, to keep calm, to smell good (no more synthetic perfumed fragrances) and to keep healthy. I also follow my supplement routine strictly because honestly, although I do try my best to follow a healthy diet, hey, I am married to a chef and our family loves red meat! 😛

These are some of my favourite oils that I love. Just like the kids, some days I get more oils, and some day less. I let the oils ‘speak to me’ and I use what I feel I need for the day.

1) Valor and Clarity Essential Oil


I put Valor essential oil on my wrists in the morning to keep calm and reduce anxiety. I use with intent to stay grounded but yet confident in all that I do. For Clarity Essential Oil, I use it behind my ears and on my brain stem. I love the warm feeling it leaves on my skin. The oil keeps me focused and calm all at the same time. I realise I don’t panic as much when I use the oil!

2) Abundance Essential Oil


I use a few drops on my lower back and inhale deeply. Abundance essential oil is what I would call a manifesting blend that helps attract health and wealth into our lives. I have personally felt my energy transform when using this oil and I feel more driven to work hard. I find a sense of purpose in what I do and although I do have my “off” and lazy days, I spring back to action much easier these days when I need to. As per the Young Living website, it states that “Abundance was created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. Abundance creates what is called the “law of attraction” which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.” The single oils that make up Abundance are also really strong oils that help boost immunity and can act as an expectorant as well! You can intent for an abundance of health as well with this oil!

3) Endoflex Essential Oil and Phyto Progessence Plus

In a bid to keep my womanly levels in check, I apply Progessence on my inner arms and on my neck over my carotid arteries almost everyday. I also apply Endoflex on my kidneys and inner ankles. I do find myself getting less stressed and more at ease when I use these oils. What with breastfeeding and recently giving birth (ok I know 10 months is not that recent haha), my body does need some time to readjust and the oils definitely support this process quite beautifully.

4) Cel lite magic massage oil and Lemon + Grapefruit Essential Oil


Well, I guess all I need to say is that my post partum tummy needed help 😛

Happy to report, it is helping awesomely. I have definitely gone down to prepregancy size hehe. More about my weight lost story next time 😉

5) Supplements – Ningxia Red, Ningxia Nitro, Omegagize and Sulfurzyme

I take 2 x 30-60ml of Ningxia Red daily. Ningxia Red is a beautiful anti oxidant drink. It is a wolfberry puree infused with essential oils. It helps with circulation, digestion, energy and it has helped my complexion too! I feel my immunity improving with Ningxia Red and I can still function throughout the day despite having woken up countless times the night before from feeding the baby lol.


Every other day, I add Ningxia Nitro to my Ningxia Red. Ningxia Nitro is a natural energy drink and i find that I get a cognitive boost out of it. It is high in B vitamins and I noticed that the cramps I used to get in my upper arms before when I wake up from sleep has reduced a lot. It occurs much less frequently since I started Nitro!

I also take 2 capsules of Omegagize daily and although it is somewhat less than the recommended dosage of 4 a day, I do find that it is helpful. I am definitely less forgetful post Abdullah than I was post Hashim. Omegagize, besides being an Omega 3 supplement, also contains CoQ10 and is good for cardiovascular health.

I take 3 capsules of Sulfurzyme twice or thrice daily as well. Sulfurzyme contains natural MSM, which has many many benefits, but the main reason I take Sulfurzyme is to detoxify my liver. Fatty liver is just so common these days and with liver ailments running in my family history, there is definitely good in supporting myself!

So there you have it! These are my some of my everyday oils and supplements that I use routinely.

Have an oily good day!

Kids Love Oils!


These are my boys. Pic was taken some time last year – probably in August when Abdullah was just a teeny tiny 1++ month old and Hashim wasn’t even 3 (I miss his wispy Beatles hair!).


This pic was taken just earlier this evening (it inspired this post!). The boys had gotten hold of the unattended bag of oils and were playing with it while I was trying to prepare Hashim’s supplements. Kids are often drawn to the oils because they know it is good for them! Often, when they ‘randomly’ pick an oil, you’d be surprised that they picked an oil that they actually need! The essential oils have a high frequency and often, when picked without biasness, we will be drawn to what works best for us. Tonight, Abdullah picked Thieves essential oil – befitting for that last bit of nasty phlegm that just doesn’t want to leave his body, and Hashim picked Rose – which he wanted to “snell” (smell). Hashim fell asleep soon after that :).

Often I am asked if my kids are oiled daily….and the answer is Yes! Here is what the kids usually get:

Abdullah gets a rub with Diluted Lemongrass oil every morning after his bath and before sleep. This has replaced the standard “Minyak Telon” that most people use. Much more natural and smells lovely! Lemongrass is also good for his ligaments. Sometimes, if we have time, the rub turns into a full body massage and Abdullah enjoys it. He suddenly keeps still instead of trying to turn around and crawl away! He also gets Valor on his feet daily (we do the Valor hold for him) and on his spine sometimes (if he doesn’t try to crawl off when we turn him on his tummy!). When he is slightly colicky, we massage his tummy clockwise with Digize oil and he farts soon after hehe. Due to the fact that we sleep in an air conditioned room, the cold sometimes leaves Abdullah a little chesty, and for that, we have RC! We rub it on his chest and back and he breathes better. If the congestion is bad, we give him a chest rub of a mix of Coconut Oil, Peppermint, Lemon & Eucalyptus Radiata. This mix smells lovelyyyy like the Malay kueh koleh-koleh hehe. Clears the congestion up too! If Abdullah has had a super active day, I would apply Peace and Calming on his shoulders and neck for him to sleep a little better. There are days when applying Peace and Calming for Abdullah makes Mummy more sleepy than baby 😉

Hashim has a slightly different routine. Every morning after bath, he will get Valor on his spine along with a back massage. Some days, we add Juvaflex to help mantain a healthy liver as he has G6PDD and is more at risk for liver related conditions. He will always ask for RC on his chest and Digize on his tummy without fail – these oils are nice and warm. If he is a little cranky and out of sorts, we will apply Release over his liver and hold our hand over the area for a few minutes. He also gets a drop or two of Transformation and Brain Power to support his condition. Before bed, we repeat the same Valor routine along with RC and Digize. We also add RutaVala roll-on, which has been helpful for his sleep, and either Cedarwood or Vetiver on his brain stem – we let him choose. If he has had an overly eventful day, we take out the special Rose oil and apply to his big toe using Vitaflex technique – this helps to drive the oil further in (Mummy will then proceed to inhale whatever is left of the Rose oil on hand to relax as well). On top of the oils, Hashim also gets his daily dose of supplements! Ningxia Red twice a day, Sulfurzyme twice or thrice a day, and half an ImmuPro Chewable Tablet (NFR product from USA) as and when we feel necessary or upon his request! The supplements have been working great for Hashim and the effectiveness of the oils seem to have amplified since he started his supplements!

Both kids also get Thieves on their feet if we are going out, and if there is a particularly nasty virus in the air we add ImmuPower as well. On top of that, we also use Lavender oil whenever the kids have a booboo and Purification oil whenever they are bitten by mosquitoes.

So there you have it, these are some of the oils we use on a daily basis for the kiddos. No hard and fast rule on what to use. Some days, the kids get more oils, and some days, less but most importantly, we enjoy our oiling sessions and I hope many more parents get to experience the same joy as us! Happy oiling!